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Noori Bibi

Noori is the coordinator of Young Muslim Voices and part of Islington Council's umbrella youth participation project Listen Up. Working to give youth a platform to discuss the issue they face and to help them develop into community leaders, Noori engages with young people from hard to reach and marginalised communities.


Having found few role models in her own life, she draws inspiration from the leadership, patience and qualities of the Prophet (pbuh). Guided by her faith, Noori has always challenged the barriers in her own life and within society at large. She works hard to help youth undertake their own projects and has been involved in such events as the anti-racism festival ‘Kick Islamaphobia’ and GemPower – a women’s campaign and programme. With the hope that these and other initiatives with continue to grow and become sustainable, Noori envisions a future a bright future where she continues to be a campaigner for social change.

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