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There is no such thing as the "average modern woman" and neither is there an "average Muslimah".

Every woman has her own personal experiences, beliefs and concerns. Nevertheless, women are often united by certain issues that are important to them, particularly as Muslim women.


In this section you'll find some resources to help you handle issues such as health, employment, relationships and more.

Lawyers and the Law



Housing Help

Your Money

Family and Relationships

Violence Against Women and Girls


If you have a legal problem it can be difficult to know who to turn to for advice and representation. You may be eligible for legal aid and can get free representation, or a lawyer may take on your case without charge. Follow these links to see where your case fits.

The Law Society

This site is mainly aimed at solicitors, but you can also use it to find a solicitor for yourself.

Law Centres

Each local centre provides free legal advice to local people and will often also offer representation services.

Bar Pro Bono

The organization finds barristers to take on cases free of charge for clients who do not qualify for legal aid. Cases have to be referred through the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, a Law Centre or your MP.

Law Works

Get free advice and mediation, as well as free representation on certain areas of law if you don’t qualify for legal aid.

Community Legal Services Direct

General information on many areas of law, finding legal advice and whether you qualify for legal aid.

Equality and Human Rights Commision

Their website gives information on Human Rights law and how to take an issue forward either informally or through legal action. You can get free advice through the helpline (0845 6046610).

Rights of Women

Free information and advice on issues affecting women, such as relationship breakdown, children and harassment from female lawyers. Check the opening times of their helpline.

1st Ethical Charitable Trust

Check out these specialised resources and guides to finance and law in relation to Islam.

The Association of Muslim Lawyers

This offers mainly information for Islamic lawyers, but the online directory is a tool for finding an Muslim lawyer near you.


Wherever you are in your career or if you are still in education, a little advice and practical information can be invaluable, even inspirational. Try these websites:

Money Matters to Me

A guide to managing your money when you leave education

Money Saving Expert

This section includes a page for students and young people.


The government's guide to student finance and a job search tool with vacancy listings from all over the UK


Search for volunteering opportunities to make yourself more employable.


Find out all about volunteering; what sorts of things you can do, how to go about it and the benefits it can bring.

Careers Guide

This site includes profiles of a huge variety of different jobs so you can decide what might suit you, as well as also having a vacany listings section.

Alliance Sector Skills Council

This is a list of all the organisations responsible for training and skills in different sectors. Once you have decided what sector you want to find out more about then go to their website to search for training and employment opportunities.

Next Step

The government's guide to careers including job profiles, advice on creating a CV and how to find training opportunities.


A bit of extra information can be a great for your peace of mind or to help you know who to turn to for more assistance or specialist treatment, although of course your GP should always be your first contact.

NHS Direct

Find out about various conditions and illnesses, check your symptoms and submit health enquiries.

Islamic Counselling

A directory of Muslim counselling services across the UK

Patient UK

This amazingly comprehensive resource includes videos, links to other specialist groups and information on the latest research.


Things never go completely smoothly where housing is concerned. Don't get down though. Find out more about your situation and how to fix problems with these online resources, or find an advice centre near you for expert help.

The Citizens' Advice Bureau

Find your local bureau and book an appointment or call up for advice over the telephone. The advisors will be able to tell you about your housing options or how you can solve a problem you might have with a housemate, landlord or neighbour. All advice is completely confidential.

Shelter (England and Wales)

This is another great source of advice on all kinds of issues relating to housing. If you are facing homelessness then many emergency housing providers require you to be referred by an advice provider. Use Shelter's Advice Services Directory to find one close to you.

Shelter (Scotland)

This is another great source of advice on all kinds of issues relating to housing. If you are facing homelessness then many emergency housing providers require you to be referred by an advice provider. Use Shelter's Advice Services Directory to find one close to you.

What House? Affordable Homes

A searchable directory of affordable housing and information on the different ways to get it.


Knowing your rights, as well as a few cheeky tips, can help you make the most of your money.

Consumer Direct

Here you can find out what your rights are if you've been sold poor-quality items and what you an do if you think you've been short-changed.

Money Saving Expert

Thousands of ideas for how best to save your money, how to get amazing discounts and how to avoid scams.


It's surprising what a difference it can make to just talk about a problem. Sometimes all you need it someone to open up to. If you feel you need more help then your GP will be able to recommend a suitable service. Have a look at these sites to see who is out there wanting to help you:


The most well-established and respected relationship counselling service in the UK. Although Relate charge for all their counselling services, the website includes information addressing a number of common problems.


0800 1111

Call for free and talk confidentially to someone about absolutely anything that is worrying you.

Islamic Counselling Services

This is a list of organisations across the UK that offer Islamic counselling.

The Muslim Youth Helpline

0808 808 2008 (free from UK landlines)

a free and confidential emotional support service available nationally via the telephone, email, internet and through the post. The service uses male and female volunteers trained in active listening and basic listening skills to respond to client enquiries.

Violence Against Women and Girls

Housing Help
Your Money
Family and Relationships
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