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Zamila Bunglawala

From writing the first UK policy report on British Muslim women and the labour market to setting up the UN Office in Darfur, Zamila’s career has seen her across the globe and in a variety of sectors. Currently a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institute in Doha, Zamila’s work currently focuses on such topics as labour markets, socio-economic integration, health and education.


Inspired by the example of her mother, a first generation migrant and single mother, and icon Malcom X, she instils their fundamental value of working hard to learn and achieve without expectation. Being grounded in her faith, Zamila finds that the fundamental ideals of tolerance, acceptance, learning and integration have helped her greatly in her work and travels and enable her to maintain a strong and integrated sense of self. With a successful policy career that sprouted from a small kernel of knowledge, she continues to push herself into new directions and looks forward to whatever unexpected opportunities may lie ahead.

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