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Guardian 100 - Nominate Someone!

by Natalia Chan

As you may know, this year is the one hundred year anniversary of International Women’s Day (which falls on the 8th of March).

To celebrate the centenary, the Guardian are drawing up an inspirational list of 100 women and are calling for nominations.  I’m sure we’ve all got ideas and encounter many many inspirational women through our work - you can make your nominations here.

As they say:

"Most lists emphasise power and influence (and, of course, economic and political clout matter), or the way a woman looks or dresses. But the ability of women to inspire, either by improving the lot of others, or acting as a role model, is also important for the next generation of women over the coming 100 years."

Why is Maslaha so interested?  Well I would also like to draw your attention to the STUNNING films which our INCREDIBLE team have produced over the past few months.  There are nine profiles (and more to come) of inspiring everyday women here.

And also a fascinating film about a forgotten war heroine here (the storyteller in this film was on Women’s Hour last week).

As part of I Can Be She, we’ll also be planning something around International Women’s Day, and many other exhilarating activities this year.  Please do get in touch if you’re interested in our work around women or have any ideas or comments.

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